Please contact Washburn Rural High School Attendance if your student is going to be late or absent.

Attendance Office


Please refer to the Washburn Rural High School Student Handbook for questions regarding Attendance Policy.


  1. Except for emergencies, Attendance office staff may not interrupt classes to remove students. Your assistance with limiting instruction interruptions is greatly appreciated. Please give Attendance office staff a minimum one passing period (one hour notice) to alert your student to retrieve their permission slip.
  2. You may leave a voice message for on the Attendance phone line for all types of absences; however, you must speak to directly to a staff member for time-sensitive releases.
  3. All students arriving after 8:00 AM must check in at the Attendance Office. Verification of each student's whereabouts must be provided to the Attendance Office upon their return.
  4. Parents are responsible for alerting the Attendance Office when their student is absent. Unconfirmed absences will be marked unexcused, and consequences assigned, after 24 hours.
  5. Absences greater than three consecutive days require and Extended Absence form (available from the Attendance Office) be submitted prior to the absence.
  6. Pick-up and drop-off must be done at the main (circle drive) entrance.