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A fun project for our 2nd grade students and their new 8th grade friends from WRMS!

Auburn-Washburn Public Schools Foundation

Multi-Grade Art Book Project

Last semester, Washburn Rural Middle School Art teacher Mindy Armstrong coordinated a special Foundation Classroom Grant project. Through the project, 8th grade design students got the opportunity to collaborate with 2nd graders at Jay Shideler Elementary School.

The 2nd grade students created an illustration of a monster, and each of WRMS students received two illustrations. The 8th graders had limited info of the monsters and first wrote a short story about the two monsters, and then they created a work of art that would illustrate the monsters to go with the story.

The Foundation Classroom Grant provided the printing of books of these short stories with illustrations of the 2nd graders’ and the 8th graders’ artwork. The grant provided a book for each 2nd grader, each 8th grader, and a teacher’s copy. There are four books in total, one for each class in 2nd grade at Jay Shideler.

On March 3rd the WRMS students took a field trip to Jay Shideler to meet the 2nd graders and read the book of short stories to them.

Also, it just happened to be Bob Ross Day in honor of Art Month at Jay Shideler on the day the WRMS students visited.

We had a very special visitor for our 3rd quarter assembly! Kelli and Dory from Camo Cross Dog Training taught us all about how dogs can respect us and how we can respect them. We also celebrated our JSE Respect award winners!

Congratulations to Mrs. Dalrymple’s class for winning the Dr. Seuss Hide and Seek Challenge! They enjoyed an afternoon visit from the JS Spirit Cart!

The JSE PTO meeting will start at 6:10 PM tonight instead of our normal 6 PM time.

Today is our fundraiser at Jason's Deli! Stop by between 10 am-8 pm to help support the JSE PTO. Be sure to show the flyer when ordering.

We have happy little Bob Ross teachers at Jay Shideler today celebrating Youth Art Month! 🎨🖼️

We have had a busy week celebrating Youth Art Month with our AMAZING art teacher Ms. Lynch!

Dress like Bob Ross tomorrow for Spirit Week!

Wear rainbow colors tomorrow for Spirit Week!

Another fantastic day of Chess for the JSE Team! Results from Most Pure Heart of Mary Tournament February 25

K-3 division (total of 27 players) -
JSE Team: 2nd place (4 teams)
K-3 JSE players’ individual placements:
Sharma, Vivaan - 6th, 3.5 out of 6.0
Elwell, Bodie - 16th, 2.5
McDaniel, Gunner - 21st, 2.0
Vega, Cecilia - 24th, 1.5
Lake, Adam - 25th, 1.5

K-5 division (total of 20 players) -
JSE Team: 1st place (4 teams)
K-5 JSE players’ individual placements:
Vega, Vincent - 2nd, 4.5 out of 6.0
Schoenfeldt, Kallan - 4th, 4.5
Patek, Anik - 6th, 4.0
Ronin, Michael - 11th - 3.0
Philipi, Bryson - 15th, 2.0

K-8 division (total of 18 players) -
JSE Team: 3rd place (3 teams)
K-8 JSE players’ individual placements:
Lake, Ethan - 15th, 3.0 out of 6.0