District Resources

Auburn-Washburn understands the importance of technology in education. The district technology team works diligently to provide and maintain a variety of technological solutions for students and staff to utilize in the learning process.

All Auburn-Washburn students have access to the following:

  • Computer labs
  • Laptops
  • Internet*
  • Wireless networks
  • Projectors in all classrooms
  • SMARTboards

*Auburn-Washburn USD 437 is not responsible for content found on external websites. The district attempts to only link to sites whose content enhance the curriculum of classrooms; however, external websites are maintained by their respective owners who may link, publish, and/or advertise content which may be deemed inappropriate for school.

Web Filtering

In 2000, Congress enacted the Children's Internet Protection Act (CIPA) to address concerns about access to offensive content over the Internet on school and library computers. Auburn-Washburn Internet traffic is filtered by technology which goes above and beyond CIPA requirements to ensure students are protected from accessing such content.

Internet traffic is filtered in order to protect students and the district. Using CIPA compliant equipment allows Auburn-Washburn to have greater control over the type of content being accessed by students and staff members. This control allows the Internet to be used more freely for educational purposes.

Though Auburn-Washburn has content filtering in place, it may still be possible for students to inadvertently access content deemed inappropriate. Students should notify a teacher immediately should they access such content so our web filters may be updated.

Bring Your Own Device (BYOD)

Auburn-Washburn plans to increase technology-based instruction and is making decisions about which tools enhance the learning in specific content areas. These decisions are being made in each building and department. Auburn-Washburn is also exploring what kinds of devices (cell phones, tablets, laptops, e-readers, etc.) may be used for instruction. We also recognize that students who own their own device may choose to use it at school, and we want to support that practice if it works for your family.

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