Early Childhood Education

The Auburn-Washburn Early Childhood program promotes a supportive, collaborative, and inclusive atmosphere where ALL children can learn and achieve goals at their own pace. Our staff embrace and acknowledge each child's strengths and learning styles. Children's experiences are anchored in child-centered, play-based, and intentional practices embedded within the Auburn-Washburn Early Childhood Indicators. Our classroom environments are safe, organized, and inviting for children and families. We believe in educating the whole child with an emphasis on social-emotional learning. Our program values key relationships with our children, families, staff, and community and knows these are the connections for high-level learning and growth for our children.

Early Childhood Beliefs

  • We believe that children's learning occurs with hands-on materials and activities.
  • We believe movement is essential and is used throughout the learning process.
  • We believe in Developmentally Appropriate Practices.
  • We believe that neuroscience research drives our understanding of the development for children, which then informs our instruction and interventions.
  • We believe in a diverse, inclusive environment for all children.
  • We believe in clear and transparent communication with families, community partners, and staff.
  • We believe in purposeful and intentional instructional practices.
  • We believe in a high quality program and staff.
  • We believe staff strive to meet all children and family needs when provided with the necessary materials and resources.
  • We believe children learn one-on-one, in small groups, and in large groups through structured classroom environments.


The Auburn Washburn Early Childhood Program is made up of early childhood classrooms at Farley Elementary, Pauline Central Elementary, Auburn Elementary, and Wanamaker Elementary. Children are able to apply who are 3 or 4 years old by August 31 and live in the Auburn-Washburn School District.

Early Childhood programs and services are not in session on district-wide early release days.

You can fill out the application online.

After an application is submitted, parents will be contacted in order to determine next steps. Applying does not guarantee the child a slot in a classroom.


If you have any questions, please call or email the Early Childhood Team at:

(785) 339-4675