Special Education

Early Childhood Special Education is a district program designed to screen, evaluate, and provide services to preschool children with developmental delays or special needs.

The program serves all eligible students living in Auburn-Washburn and has many components and services to support preschool children and their families. Some of these components include:

  • Free monthly screenings to identify children ages three to five needing further evaluation in the following developmental skill areas:
    • Fine/gross motor
    • Speech/language
    • Cognition
    • Social/emotional
    • Self-help
    • General health
    • Vision/hearing
  • Comprehensive evaluations for children ages three to five identified during the screening process or referred through other sources. Early Childhood Special Education helps parents identify their child's needs and helps them obtain services available to meet those needs.
  • Special education classrooms which are developmentally appropriate for children three to five who are identified as having significant developmental delays or special needs. The curriculum of which incorporates the support services for which each student qualifies. Preschool Peer Models are an important component of these classrooms.
  • Community services for students who qualify for services, but require less significant need for special education support. Community services may be provided in a variety of settings, such as in the home, at day care, or in a preschool setting.
  • Family support and involvement in the screenings, evaluations, and education of students, which is considered to be a vital part of Early Childhood Special Education. Monthly parent support meetings, team meetings, home visits, opportunities for classroom observation, and classroom participation are a some of the ways in which parents are included in the program.