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What a great event that Miss Turrell and Mrs.Reynoso put on for our K-2 students! A big thank you to our volunteers!

Auburn-Washburn USD 437

Students at Farley Elementary School had the chance to learn about "Careers on Wheels" today as part of their career unit. They rotated through stations, learning about several jobs and their "wheels." Thank you to Evergy, Mission Township Fire Department, Mutt'Staches Mobile Grooming, Topeka Police Department, and Topeka & Shawnee County Public Library for educating our students about your vocations!

Auburn-Washburn USD 437

The rain didn't keep these kindergarteners from enjoying a fun and educational day at Auburn-Washburn's Outdoor Environmental Lab! Among other things, they learned about plant parts, seed dispersal, the life cycle of a tree, and the difference between fruits and vegetables. Making and tasting their own applesauce was the cherry on top! 🍎

Auburn-Washburn USD 437

❗️REMINDER to 6th Grade Parents❗️
Parent Night is tomorrow – Wednesday, April 17 – at Washburn Rural Middle School. Please plan to attend to learn valuable insights about the next phase in your student's educational journey!

The students celebrated National Librarian’s Day by writing thank you cards! We appreciate you, Mrs. Kufahl!

Fun with science! First graders are learning about animal functions and how their structures help defend against predators.

It was a great day! 😎🌞

Auburn-Washburn USD 437

REMINDER: There will be no school on Monday, April 1, 2024. This date was originally designated as a snow make-up day, but it will not be needed for that purpose. Enjoy the extended weekend!

Calling all scientists! 2nd grade has been learning about properties of matter! They ended the unit with making glue! It was so messy, but oh so fun!

Wow! Farley kids are staying active! 💪🏽🏃🏽🏃🏽‍♀️

Here are the 3rd quarter P.E. stats by grade level. We utilize Heart Tech Plus monitors almost every day in class. Students have been learning about their heart rate zones and figuring out which activities boost their heart rates the most. They can also have friendly competitions against each other regarding their steps and points. Students earn points every minute they’re in a different heart rate zone. We use five heart rate zones in P.E.

Blue Zone = 50%-60% of their max heart rate (MHR)
Green Zone = 60%-70% MHR
Yellow Zone = 70%-80% MHR
Orange Zone = 80%-90% MHR
Red Zone = 90%-100% MHR

Most steps in one class:
Wyatt Francis- 5,876
Dalton Lippold- 4,412
Keaton Cox- 4,222
Dezmir Morriz- 4,154
Joel Adams- 4,140

Most steps in a quarter (by grade level):
2nd Grade- Dalton Lippold- 34,660
3rd Grade- Kyson Kerr- 50,708
4th Grade- Evelynn Jimmerson- 25,670
5th Grade- Wyatt Francis- 20,156
6th Grade- Arjun Mukkamela- 36,778

Most points in a quarter (by grade level):
2nd Grade- Kaia Garst- 765
3rd Grade- Ella Beets- 1,618
4th Grade- Geoffrey Edwards- 788
5th Grade- Sophia Chendrawijaya- 719
6th Grade- Brooklyn Garrett- 1,790

We are getting excited to meet our new Farley Foxes! Sign up now for Kindergarten Roundup! If you have a family member, friend, or neighbor with an incoming kindergarten student, share this information with them! https://usd437.net/assets/fliers/kindergarten-enrollment

Auburn-Washburn USD 437 Kindergarten Roundup
Welcome! We are excited to welcome your kindergarten student to the Auburn-Washburn family! Please complete the following information to receive information about roundup, bootcamp, and registration. We will email information to the address provided on this form. Please note that your child must tur...