Farley PTO


Farley PTO Round Table Meetings are held once a quarter at 6:00 PM in the Farley Elementary library. Parents and teachers are encouraged to attend. Childcare is available. This year's meetings are:

September 19, 2022  
November 21, 2022  
February 27, 2023  
May 15, 2023  


Contribution Opportunities

Click the link below to discover different opportunities to help contribute to Farley PTO from your normal day-to-day purchases.


Position Name Email
Co-President Jenna Bunting jenna.jurgens@yahoo.com
Co-President Elizabeth Odum elizabeth.a.odum@gmail.com
Co-Vice President Ashlee McIntosh ashlee.mcintosh2@gmail.com
Co-Vice President Valerie Riddle vlynriddle@gmail.com
Treasurer Deanna Hutsen deanna.hutsen@gmail.com
Secretary Beth Whitegon brmay3@yahoo.com
Member At-Large Renee Adkins renee_cma@yahoo.com
Member At-Large Tamara Lickteig tamra.lickteig@gmail.com
Member At-Large April Shields peony1985@gmail.com
Staff Representative Erica Florez floreer2@usd437.net
Staff Representative Alison Schneider schneali@usd437.net
Past President Jessica Hannah jessica.hannah727@yahoo.com
Past President Edith Pena wohaqat@yahoo.com