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The Auburn-Washburn Public Schools Foundation is made up of of parents, community members, and district staff who work together to provide alternative means to enhance, enrich, and expand education programs, which are unavailable via conventional funding, for Auburn-Washburn students.


Questions or comments may be directed to:

Jessica Roberts
Director of Communications
(785) 339-4072



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We awarded a record 76 classroom grants this fall, totaling more than $64,000 in support for supplemental learning resources, music and art supplies, enhanced technologies, and more! The availability of these grants is dependent upon private support from donors like you. Please consider supporting this fundraiser in its final days.

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For the past 25 years, we have distributed classroom grants to educators across the district. In that time, we have awarded 882 grants totaling an impressive $659,230! Our grant program is contingent upon donor support. Please consider making a contribution to this fundraiser in its final days.

As part of our mission to enhance, enrich, and expand educational programs throughout the district, we award thousands of dollars in classroom grants every year. The availability of these grants hinges on the amount of support we receive from our generous donors. Please consider supporting this fundraiser in its final days. Thank you!

The Auburn-Washburn Public Schools Foundation is hosting a discount app fundraiser to garner support for classroom grants and other initiatives. A donation of $25 will earn you a discount app that provides savings on everyday purchases at local and national retailers, restaurants, and businesses. Not interested in an app? That's okay! You can help by spreading the word or making a donation in an amount that is meaningful to you. On behalf of the students and teachers who benefit from Foundation support, thank you!

Remarkable things can sprout from a tiny seed. We are so proud to have been part of this effort.

Auburn-Washburn USD 437

Part of Auburn-Washburn's mission is to instill in students the character required to be happy, responsible, and productive citizens. Volunteerism and service is a big aspect of that and is displayed daily throughout the district. Just recently, Wanamaker Elementary School hosted their first food drive in support of the Mustang Food Pantry. The outpouring of generosity was remarkable, filling their own pantry shelves and storage spaces and even allowing for a substantial donation to the district's monthly food giveaway. Witnessing such compassion and initiative from our students fills us with pride.

The Mustang Food Pantry got its start with a generous grant from the Auburn-Washburn Public Schools Foundation. The pantry is run by social worker Kara Haney-Wiltz and serves as a testament to our community's commitment to supporting those in need.

Our grant program is one of many ways we work to enhance, enrich, and expand educational programs across the district! Thank you to the library at Washburn Rural High School for hosting this KEVA Plank Tower Building Competition.

Auburn-Washburn USD 437

Throughout the month of February, the library at Washburn Rural High School has been hosting a KEVA Plank Tower Building Competition. Made possible through the support of a grant from the Auburn-Washburn Public Schools Foundation, this activity provides several opportunities for growth and enrichment – math and science teachers use the act of building towers to reinforce classroom concepts and art teachers guide students in creating 2D and 3D renderings of the towers. Every class that visits benefits from a collaborative team-building exercise that sparks creativity!

Auburn-Washburn USD 437

In light of current road conditions, the decision has been made to cancel school in the Auburn-Washburn district today, Wednesday, January 10. We have had crews out assessing our bus routes this morning. While the main roads are passable, many areas, particularly those in the rural parts of the district, still pose challenges for travel. Our buses are unable to safely complete their routes this morning. Please stay safe and warm!

Auburn-Washburn USD 437

School has been canceled in the Auburn-Washburn district for Tuesday, January 9, due to inclement weather. Please be safe as this winter storm moves through our area.❄️

The hydroponic system at Farley Elementary School was one of 76 classroom grants we awarded this fall. We are delighted to see these fifth-graders harvesting their own foods and enjoying their vegetables!

Farley Elementary School

5th graders in Mrs. Hewitt’s class were able to finally taste the fruits of their labor! They have been growing several varieties of lettuce in their hydroponic system, which was funded through a grant from The Auburn-Washburn foundation! They have been responsible for maintaining the water and ph levels, adding nutrients, and the overall care of the produce.

Today they harvested romaine, butter lettuce, baby lettuce, komatsuna, bok choy, muir lettuce, and pomegranate crunch romaine. They said it was, “the best salad they had ever had!” 🥬💚🦊