Board of Education

Members of the Auburn-Washburn Board of Education are patrons who voluntarily serve the community. Meets are held the first and third Monday of each month (except holidays) at 6:30 PM. Meetings are open to the public, and are held at Shuler Education Center, 5928 Southwest 53rd Street.

The Board encourages input from the community, and provides an open forum at the beginning of each regular meeting. Individuals may address the Board for up to five minutes each during the session. There will be no dialog on issues raised during the open forum. If you wish to have more time for open discussion, topics may be placed on the agenda with a ten-day advance notice.

For additional information, please contact:

Katy Lenahan
Board Clerk
Phone: 339-4031


Tom Bruno
Tom Bruno, At-Large

Mr. Tom Bruno has served on the Board since 2014. He serves on the Negotiations and Strategic Planning Committees.

Mr. Bruno received his Bachelor of Arts in Political Science from Washburn University. He owns Bruno & Associates, Inc., a public affairs firm located in Topeka, KS.

Bruno is a graduate of Washburn Rural High School and attended both Wanamaker Elementary and Jay Shideler Junior High. He lives in Topeka with his wife Shawna and their daughters Blake, Olivia, and Ava.

Current Term 2015-2020.

David Hines
David Hines, 1A
Vice President

Mr. David Hines joined the Board in 2011. He serves on the Construction Review Committee and with the Auburn-Washburn Public Schools Foundation.

Mr. Hines received his Bachelor of Business Administration from the University of Central Oklahoma with degrees in Accounting and Finance.

Hines has lived in Topeka for more than ten years with his wife, Loretta, and their daughters, Avery and Olivia.

Current Term 2015-2020.

Matthew Ewald
Matthew Ewald, 2B

Matthew Ewald joined the Board in 2019

Current Term 2019-2020.

Jacquie Lightcap
Jacquie Lightcap, 4A

Jacquie Lightcap joined the Board in 2018.

Current Term 2018-2022.

Bryan Smith
Bryan Smith, 5B

Bryan Smith joined the Board in 2018.

Current Term 2018-2022.

Michael White
Michael White, 6C

Michael White joined the Board in 2018.

Current Term 2018-2022.

Darren Haddock
Darren Haddock, 3C

Mr. Darren Haddock served the Board from 2002 to June, 2005, and was reappointed in December, 2005. He serves on the Negotiations and Internal Audit subcommittees.

Haddock received his BS in Economics and MBA from Brigham Young University. He is a member of the Jayhawk Area Council, Boy Scouts of America, and the International Council of Shopping Centers (ICSC).

A citizen of Topeka for more than 15 years, Haddock lives with his wife Tracie, and their five children, Porter, Mason, Lindsay, Spencer, and Tanner.

Current Term 2015-2020.


Normal Board of Education terms run for four years and expire in January. Please contact the Shawnee County Election Office for more information about Board of Education elections.