WRMS Athletics


In order to participate in any sports, each student must file the following forms with the Athletics office each year:

  1. Authorization for Emergency Treatment
  2. KSHSAA Pre-Participation Physical Evaluation
  3. KSHSAA Concussion & Head Injury Information Release Form
  4. Orthopedics and Sports Medicine Consent


Sport Head Coach Website
Cheerleading uocleppa|ten.734dsu|znahleppA .C Spirit Wear

Fall Sports

Sport/Schedule Head Coach Website
Cross Country niwmlieh|ten.734dsu|namlieH .W WRMS Cross Country
Football 7th Grade A etsnoohc|ten.734dsu|neorahcnoohC .S WRMS Football Apparel
Football 7th Grade B 2lailliw|ten.734dsu|silliW .A WRMS Football Apparel
Football 8th Grade A irbredos|ten.734dsu|grebredoS .B WRMS Football Apparel
Fitness Camp
Football 8th Grade B surenrab|ten.734dsu|llenraB .R WRMS Football Apparel
Girls' Tennis fejalrag|ten.734dsu|dnalraG .J  
Girls' Intramural Tennis 1ahtnarg|ten.734dsu|tnarG .H  
Volleyball 7th Grade A lekhenir|ten.734dsu|traheniR .K WRMS Volleyball
Volleyball 7th Grade B aidyenor|ten.734dsu|yenoR .D WRMS Volleyball
Fitness Camp
Volleyball 8th Grade A & B yajwal|ten.734dsu|waL .J, rikesnah|ten.734dsu|nesnaH .K WRMS Volleyball
Fitness Camp
Intramural Volleyball nnaacnaj|ten.734dsu|acnaJ .A WRMS Volleyball

Winter Sports

Sport/Schedule Head Coach Website
Boys' Basketball 7th Grade A fejalrag|ten.734dsu|dnalraG .J  
Boys' Basketball 7th Grade B uodemloh|ten.734dsu|semloH .D  
Boys' Basketball 8th Grade A etsnoohc|ten.734dsu|neorahcnoohC .S  
Boys' Basketball 8th Grade B dnaeseew|ten.734dsu|eseeW .A  
Boys' Intramural Basketball 2lailliw|ten.734dsu|silliW .A  
Girls' Basketball 7th Grade A etsnoohc|ten.734dsu|neorahcnoohC .S  
Girls' Basketball 7th Grade B yajwal|ten.734dsu|waL .J Fitness Camp
Girls' Basketball 8th Grade A alasllim|ten.734dsu|slliM .A  
Girls' Basketball 8th Grade B tacerret|ten.734dsu|llerreT .C  
Girls' Intramural Basketball nnaacnaj|ten.734dsu|acnaJ .A  
Wrestling 1ojtrohs|ten.734dsu|trohS .J  

Spring Sports

Sport/Schedule Head Coach Website
Boys' Tennis fejalrag|ten.734dsu|dnalraG .J  
Boys' Intramural Tennis 1ahtnarg|ten.734dsu|tnarG .H  
Track & Field Coordinator surenrab|ten.734dsu|llenraB .R  
Boys' Track & Field 7th Grade 2lailliw|ten.734dsu|silliW .A Track & Field
Boys' Track & Field 8th Grade ertnadcm|ten.734dsu|leinaDcM .T Track & Field
Girls' Track & Field 7th Grade aidyenor|ten.734dsu|yenoR .D Track & Field
Fitness Camp
Girls' Track & Field 8th Grade adarnieh|ten.734dsu|ztirnieH .A Track & Field