Meetings are held in the Washburn Middle School library starting at 6:00 PM.

September 19, 2022  
October 17, 2022  
November 21, 2022  
December 19, 2022
Meeting held on Zoom
January 23, 2023  
February 20, 2023  
March 20, 2023  
April 17, 2023  
May 22, 2023  

Amazon Team Wish Lists

Our PTO Board decided to have each team create an Amazon Wish List of items to help with their classrooms. Many of the items are reward incentives for students, but also include teacher supplies/equipment and book sets for one team. If you'd like to support your child's team of teachers, please feel free to open the link and purchase any of the items on their wish list.


Position Name Email
President Heather Schulmeister ae092013@gmail.com
Co-Vice President Marie Doleman riero4989@gmail.com
Co-Vice President Jarvis Doleman jardole@ut.utm.edu
Secretary Miranda Madden miranda.madden@gmail.com
Treasurer Matt Harader mattandjenn17@gmail.com
7th Grade Rep Amanda Martinez amanda.martinez@pec1.com
7th Grade Rep Amy Hedstrom amy@capitallabel.com