Principal Chris Holman

Principal Chris Holman

Thank you for your time and engagement at the recent Parent/Teacher Conferences. It is always a great time for us to get together and discuss how things are going for your child at school. I would like to remind and encourage you though that we can meet at any time to discuss your child's progress or anything related. Just reach out to your child's teacher through email or phone to set up a time.

I wanted to share with you that yesterday our teachers spent the day engaged in some professional learning opportunities. There were a variety of sessions, but one that took on a great focus was analyzing student data on the recent AimsWebb assessments in Reading and Math. Not only did teachers look at scores but also found trends at the classroom and grade level. There was time taken to find out what learning objectives are being mastered and what ones need more time taken to gain mastery.

This is incredibly valuable time for the teachers, and I want to thank you for your support of this practice. From our day of learning, we are more prepared than ever to move forward and provide all of our students the right amount of support in their academic and social/emotional needs. Thank you for your continued partnership.

Proud to be a Panther,

Chris Holman
Phone: 339-4755