Principal Chris Holman

Principal Chris Holman

WE DID IT! A heartfelt thanks and congratulations to every student, parent, and teacher on making it through the last 15 months in what was a very challenging time. I am overcome with pride when I think of the way that we all functioned as a school community and pulled together to provide the best possible opportunities for our students.

Now it is time to enjoy the summer and all that comes with hopefully a more relaxing time. The words Summer Break bring a lot of relief and joy to our students, and I hope that families will all be able to take a little extra time to reconnect and just enjoy each other.

A quick reminder that there will be the FREE SUMMER MEALS program again this year. On Monday through Friday from 11:00 AM - 12:00 PM, a lunch can be picked up from Pauline Central for any child up to 18 years of age. There will be lunch for that day and then a grab and go breakfast for the next morning. This will last through Friday, July 30th.

Although the front office is closed for the summer, please reach out to me through email if there is anything that you need or if you have any questions. My email is, and I'll be happy to help. Have a great summer, and again, thank you for all of your support.

Proud to be a Panther,

Chris Holman
Phone: 339-4755