Below are some common questions about bus transportation at Auburn-Washburn.

What basic information does my child need to know for their bus ride to school?

Your child should know their home address, phone number, their assigned bus (route) number, and the neighborhood location where they are to get on and off the bus.

How can I contact my child's bus driver?

Call Auburn-Washburn Transportation at (785) 339-4050 to leave a message for the driver who will contact you.

Do I need to call Transportation if my child is not going to ride the bus for any reason?

If your child is the only student at their bus stop, a call is very helpful; however, if your child boards the bus with other students, a call is not necessary.

Can my child ride the neighborhood bus on days I'm home and a bus to the sitter's on days I'm not?

Auburn-Washburn Board of Education policy limits your students drop-off location to a single stop to ensure accountability of students on buses. Consider transporting your child to school on days you are home and having your child ride the bus only on days you are gone.

Why does my child have to walk down the block when the bus passes our house daily?

While stopping at each student's home is not feasible, our intent is to place stops in central locations to best accommodate students and ensure appropriate route lengths and times. School buses will not enter cul-de-sacs or dead-end streets as they are unable to turn around safely.

How long will the bus wait for my child at the bus stop?

Your child must be at the assigned bus stop when the bus arrives. We ask that students be at their stop five minutes prior to their assigned pick-up time. Drivers are not required to wait or honk for students who are not at their stop.

What time will my child arrive home in the afternoon?

Your child's arrival time may vary depending on the number of students riding the bus home. Arrival times will become more routine after the first few weeks of school.

What should I do if the bus does not come?

Under normal circumstances, pick-up times should not vary greatly; however, certain instances beyond district control—breakdowns, weather, impassable roads, emergencies, traffic delays, etc.—may cause your bus to be late. If you waited more than 15 minutes, please call Transportation at (785) 339-4050.

What items are disallowed on the bus?

Balloons; skateboards; glass; live animals (including insects); toys; and large, bulky items are not allowed on buses for safety reasons, as well as space consideration.

If your child needs to transport a large musical instrument, please contact our office at (785) 339-4050 to ensure there is enough space on the bus.