About Washburn Rural Middle School

Originally Jay Shideler Junior High, and later Jay Shideler Middle School, Washburn Rural Middle School began in what is now the Jay Shideler Elementary School building. Today, Washburn Rural Middle School houses all of Auburn-Washburn's seventh and eighth graders, organizing each grade level into four teams to preserve the feeling of a smaller school.

Washburn Rural Middle School

Our mission

The mission of Washburn Rural Middle School is to build bridges for lifelong learning.

Our Vision

Working to keep students safe:

  1. Build and nurture a positive school climate
  2. Ensure physical and emotional safety
  3. Maintain a stable and dependable learning environment
  4. Employ a safe school plan, incorporating the best available practices

Recognizing both individual and group efforts:

  1. Respect the individual learning styles of all students
  2. Expect all students to think and produce independently
  3. Expect students to work cooperatively in an increasingly interdependent world
  4. Practice collaboration among all members of the learning community to ensure student success

Making a difference in our community:

  1. Prepare responsible and productive citizens
  2. Teach respect for all people
  3. Teach students to work together in a diverse society
  4. Encourage activities that support our community and a global society
  5. Reward positive leadership roles in our community

Strive for excellence:

  1. Identify and ensure mastery of essential skills
  2. Empower students to challenge themselves at the highest level
  3. Focus on continuous improvement
  4. Engage in continuous self-assessment and results-based decision-making to ensure student success