About Indian Hills Elementary

One of two schools located in Auburn-Washburn's most densely populated area, Indian Hills Elementary opened in 1988 to serve the district's increasing enrollment numbers. In fall 2014, Indian Hills added proudly a preschool program to its already varied educational and extracurricular student programs.

Indian Hills Elementary

Our mission

Indian Hills Elementary will provide a safe and positive environment that instills skills for success and academic achievement for all students.

Our vision

Indian Hills will provide all students a safe, enjoyable, and challenging school environment where they have the opportunity to achieve their maximum individual education potential. All students will receive a balanced education where traditional academics are taught, creativity and innovation are cultivated, and skills for success are developed; preparing them to assume roles as responsible citizens in a global community, the workplace, and in life.


  1. Positivity
  2. Embracing Individuals
  3. Opportunities to Thrive


  1. All students will achieve their individual academic potential.
  2. Create a trusting and safe environment for the community.
  3. Infuse skills for success into learning.