About Pauline Central Primary

One of two elementary schools serving Auburn-Washburn's southeast attendance area, Pauline Central Primary is a school of excellence for pre-kindergarten through third grade students.

Wonderful students, dedicated and talented staff, and strong parent and community involvement work to make Pauline Central Primary a great place to learn, work, and grow.

Our Mission

The mission of Pauline Schools is for children to achieve their highest level of performance as responsible, respectful citizens.


On May 31, 1887, The Pauline School District Number 72 was organized as a one teacher school. The school continued with one or two teachers until 1952, when eight teachers were hired. To accommodate the classes, rooms were used at Forbes Air Base in building number 102.

In 1955, the church at Pauline was converted into classrooms, and two more teachers were employed. By 1956, there were 14 teachers, and the school was once again using building number 102 at Forbes Air Base.

The attendance area continued to grow, and when the Capehart housing project was created, the Pauline School Board made application under Public Law 815 for a new school building. In the Fall of 1958, Pauline South School was opened.

In 1960, Pauline Central was built to accommodate the growing population, but the original building was too small for the number of children. An addition to the school was completed in 1961-1962. The new addition contained ten classrooms, a library, a music room, administrative offices for the superintendent, and a gymnasium.

In 1962, the Pauline School District had three school buildings known as Pauline East, Pauline South, and Pauline Central. The district had a total faculty of 58 teachers who taught 1624 students.

The Pauline Schools consolidated with the Washburn Rural, and Auburn Districts to form Auburn-Washburn USD 437 in 1966.

In 1973, the Forbes Air Force Base closed. This dropped Pauline Central's population from 600 students to only 300, but the school would continue to see steady growth. By 1987, there were, once again, nearly 600 students attending Pauline Central.

The school had started off housing kindergarten through sixth grades, and eventually dropped to kindergarten through fourth grades. By 1992, Pauline Central housed kindergarten through third grades, and was taught by fifteen classroom teachers - a music teacher, a P.E. teacher, a Learning Resource teacher, a Behavior Disorders teacher, a Chapter I Reading teacher, and part-time Speech and Gifted teachers.

In 2007, the Auburn-Washburn community voted to pass a bond issue that included a new elementary school, and several construction projects on existing schools. Pauline Central was set to have four new classrooms built and to have the entrance/office area remodeled. Constructions was completed in 2010.

Today, Pauline Central is a preschool through third grade primary school, and is one of seven elementary schools in the Auburn-Washburn School District. The students from Pauline Central continue their studies at Pauline South Intermediate School for fourth through sixth grades.