2024 Scholastic Art Competition

The Art Department is excited to announce that 16 WRHS students received 37 awards at this year's 2024 Scholastic Art Competition in Wichita. This is the premier juried high school and middle school art exhibition in Kansas. More than 2,000 artworks were submitted across Eastern Kansas, with only 611 receiving honors.

Scholastic Art is one of the oldest and most prestigious national art competitions for middle school and high school students in the nation. It provides an opportunity for student artists to be recognized, exhibited, and awarded scholarship(s). It is a huge honor for students to receive recognition based on the originality, technical skill, and emergence of a personal vision in their work. The following WRHS students received recognition for their work:


  • Brooklyn Bowling
  • Elli Brandt
  • Sharon Denny
  • Syd Laster (2)
  • Yecinta Ngure


  • Brooklyn Bowling
  • Syd Laster (2)
  • Gigi Newhouse
  • Savanna Schmidt (2)


  • Elli Brandt
  • Reese Beardslee
  • Ashton Dawley (4)
  • Sharon Denny (2)
  • Mattalynn Funnell (2)
  • Malia Grewal
  • Kaya Hamilton
  • Reagyn Hoffman
  • Syd Laster (2)
  • Keara Leiser
  • Luke Lemke
  • Lily McCoy
  • Yecinta Ngure
  • Taylor Ostermann (2)
  • Oliver Perez
  • Aytumn Sanchez
  • Savanna Schmidt (4)
  • Micah Ward (2)
  • Zay Wells

The winning artwork can be viewed here.