A Friendly Reminder


It is part of every story. It is the unseen focus of many days. And, though it is a constant, it can seem more unpredictable than the weather. How is it that minutes and hours can feel unbearably long while weeks and years can be gone in a flash?

But here we are. Already deep into another school year and whether we like it or not the holidays are just around the corner. Oh yes, we may circle the wagons a bit in the cold of winter, but the bustle of spring will whisk by with summer in pursuit and we will be left wondering where the time went.

Whether you are new to WaRu or are clinging to the last few months with a child on campus we urge you to slow down. Look around. High school is fleeting, make it impactful. Find a way to engage, take the time – make the time. We are a dynamic family with room to grow, ideas to expand, and by coming together we can open the door to a realm of possibilities yet to be imagined. But it takes an investment of time.

Plan now and know. Budget your time so that when high school is over and your student is grown and gone you don't look back into the mist of time to see only a gray blur but a vibrant picture in which you played a part in making some aspect of the high school experience better for your child and possibly the whole WaRu family. Know that we are trying to do the same, we are the Blues Backers. Busy and exhausted but still working behind the scenes. We've got their backs and each other's too.

Time. Going, going, going… Please don't wait until it's gone.