JH: Student Activities

The principal shall be responsible for organizing and approving all student activities. All school-sponsored activities shall be supervised by an adult approved by the administration.

Eligibility for Activities

Unless otherwise provided herein, students who participate in any school activity shall meet the following requirements:

  • all applicable KSHSAA regulations;
  • academic eligibility requirements noted in handbooks; and
  • other requirements requested by the administration and approved by the board.

Participation in Kansas State High School Activity Association Activities

Any student meeting the following requirements shall be permitted to participate in any district activities that are regulated, supervised, promoted, and developed by the Kansas State High School Activities Association ("KSHSAA"). The requirement include:

  • being a resident of the school district;
  • being enrolled and attending a nonpublic elementary or secondary school;
  • complying with the health certification and inoculation requirements of K.S.A. 72-6262, as amended, prior to participation in any such activity;
  • meeting applicable age and eligibility requirements required by KSHSAA; and
  • paying any fees required by the district for participation in such activity, if such fees are generally imposed upon all other students who participate in the activity; seeking participation at the appropriate school of the district that corresponds to where the student resides within the school district's respective school attendance boundaries established by the board.

Any student attending a home school, who is a resident of the district and seeks to participate in a KSHSAA activity sponsored by the district, shall be deemed to meet any academic eligibility requirements established by KSHSAA for participation in such activity if:

  • The student is maintaining satisfactory progress towards achievement or promotion to the next grade level; and
  • The parent, teacher, or organization that provides instruction to the student submits an affidavit or transcript to KSHSAA indicating the student meets these academic eligibility requirements.

Upon submission of an affidavit, the student attending a home school shall be deemed to meet any academic eligibility requirements established by KSHSAAA and shall retain such academic eligibility during the activity season for which the affidavit was submitted.

The board may require a student who participates in an activity pursuant to this policy to enroll in or complete a particular course as a condition of participation, if such requirement is imposed upon all other students who participate in a particular KSHSAA activity.

Except as provided in this policy regarding modified academic eligibility requirements for home school students, and any student who seeks to participate in an activity pursuant to this policy shall be subject to any tryout or other participation requirements that are otherwise applicable to all other students for participation in the activity.

Adding or Eliminating Activities

Administrative recommendations to add or eliminate specific activities {shall/may} be considered by the board. Individual patrons or groups of patrons may request the addition or elimination of activities using rules approved by the board and filed with the clerk.

Activity Fund Management

The building principals shall maintain an accurate record of all student activity funds in the respective attendance centers. A monthly report to the board of the revenue and expenditures of the activity fund shall be made. No funds shall be expended from these accounts except in the support of the student activity program.

Receipts shall be issued for all revenue taken into the activity fund of each attendance center. All payments from the activity fund shall be by checks provided for that purpose.

Approved: September 18, 2023