DK: Student Activity Fund Management

Any activity which involves the expenditure of activity funds shall be subject to prior approval of the principal.

Activity Fund Management

The building principals shall maintain an accurate record of all student activity funds in the respective attendance centers. No funds shall be expended from these accounts except in support of the student activity program. No activity account shall have a negative balance.

The board shall receive a monthly report on all activity accounts.

All student activity funds will be audited annually at the same time as the general fund budget.

All payments from student activity funds shall be made from purchase orders signed by the principal.

Receipts shall be kept for all revenue deposited into the activity fund of each attendance center. All payments from the activity fund shall be by checks provided for that purpose.

Activity Fund Deposits

Activity funds from gate receipts or other sources may be deposited directly into a bank account maintained for this purpose.

Inactive Activity Funds (See JH)

The principal will assume control of all inactive activity funds and disburse those funds to other activity accounts or expend the funds as directed by the board.

The principal is responsible for the activity fund at the attendance center. The principal shall be responsible for making a monthly report to the director of business services.

The monthly student activity fund report shall show the opening and closing balances of each fund. The report shall also show the total amount of deposits and an itemized list of expenditures.

Approved: June 1, 2009