JBD: Absences and Excuses

When a student is absent from school an attempt shall be made to contact the parent or guardian to determine the reason for the absence. The principal has been designated to determine the acceptability and validity of reasons for absence presented by the parent(s) or the student.

Procedures for notifying the school on the day of a student's absence shall be published in the student handbook.

Excused Absences

  1. Personal illness;
  2. Appointment for medical treatment;
  3. A family crisis;
  4. Extended absences of a student when expressly requested by the parent or guardian and prior arrangements have been made in preparation for the absences as defined in student handbooks;
  5. Obligatory religious observances;
  6. Participation in a district-approved or school sponsored activity; and,
  7. Students of active duty military personnel may have additional excused absences at the discretion of the principals for visitations relative to leave or deployment.

All absences which do not fit into one of the above categories would be considered an unexcused absence. A student serving a period of suspension or expulsion from the district shall not be considered inexcusably absent.

Significant Part of a School Day

An absence of fifty percent or more of the school day shall be considered a significant part of the day.

Make-Up Work

It is the student's responsibility to obtain make-up assignments from teachers following an excused or unexcused absence.

Approved: August 3, 2015