KBC: Media Relations

Upon presentation of proper credentials, media members on assignment will be admitted free to all school extracurricular activities. To the extent possible, space will be provided at sporting and special events for members of the working media to cover extracurricular activities.

Broadcasting and Recording

The superintendent is authorized to establish rules and regulations for broadcasting and recording district activities.

The appropriate building principal shall be responsible for determining eligibility and to issue passes to press members on assignment to cover school events. Members of the broadcast media shall notify the superintendent prior to the event they wish to cover so arrangements may be made for equipment.

News Releases

News and information concerning school events and programs may be released to the media with the approval of the principal. District news releases prepared for public distribution by district employees or students shall have the superintendent's approval prior to release. The superintendent shall, upon request, prepare official district news releases for the board.

New Conferences and Media Interviews with Students

News conferences and interviews shall be scheduled so they do not disrupt regular educational activities. Representatives of the news media seeking to interview a student during school hours must first have the principal's approval and permission from the student's parent or guardian when possible.

Recording Student Images and Student Produced Material

Students' images shall be considered directory information and will not require permission for use by media or USD 437 district publications (newspapers, newsletters, and internet). Recording images or releasing information about students in foster care is not allowed without prior written consent of the appropriate agency or guardian. Recording images or releasing information which would identify students as participants in Special Education programs is not permitted without prior written consent. Student images shall not be used for commercial purposes without prior written consent.

At the time of enrollment, parents or guardians may request that directory information (including student images) not be released. Such a request must be renewed annually. The school district will make a reasonable attempt to maintain student privacy.

The district may display, publicly present, or publish any work produced by a student as part of a district instructional activity, program, publication, or event. Students, parents, teachers, and administrators can upon request deny that specific work be made public.

The superintendent, building principal, program administrator or sponsoring faculty shall have the authority to restrict media and district publication access to students while on district property or at a school activity.

Approved: June 28, 2010