JRA: Types of Records

Permanent Student Records: Each school shall permanently retain records relating to each student's academic performance, attendance and activities. Information about students collected and stored by any school personnel shall be separated into one of the following classifications:

Administrative records: official administrative records that constitute the minimum personal information necessary for operating the educational system. It shall include birth date, sex, race, names, telephone numbers, addresses and places of employment of parents, academic work completed, grades, attendance records, withdrawal and reentry records, honors and activities, date of graduation and follow-up records of a student.

Supplementary records: verified information important in operating the educational system but is of a more sensitive nature and of less historical importance. It includes: test data, such as scores on standardized achievement, aptitude and intelligence tests; observational data such as systematically gathered teacher or counselor evaluations and observations of social and personal assets; clinical findings and verified reports of serious or recurrent deviant behavior patterns; general data such as health data, family background information and educational and vocational plans.

Tentative records: useful information that has not been verified or is not clearly needed beyond the immediate present. It includes unevaluated reports of teachers or counselors that may be needed in ongoing counseling or disciplinary actions.

Approved: June 21, 2010