JHC: Student Organizations

Students may form clubs and other groups organized to promote or pursue specialized activities outside the regular classroom. Membership in student organizations, whether school sponsored or non-school sponsored, must be open to all interested and eligible students. The building principal and the board shall approve school sponsored student organizations, and a staff member shall attend the meetings or activities to supervise use of the facilities by all student organizations as an advisor or supervisor.

Student Clubs

The administrator shall establish regulations for the operation of school sponsored clubs, and for the use of school facilities by non-school- sponsored clubs.

School sponsored clubs shall be under the direct control of school personnel. Every school sponsored club shall have a constitution which has been approved by the building principal and filed in the school office. If non-curriculum related school sponsored clubs are allowed to meet on school property during non-instructional time, then non-school sponsored student clubs may also meet on school property at such times.

Non-School Sponsored Student Clubs

Non-school sponsored clubs shall submit a request for use of school facilities and have such request granted prior to using the facilities. The non-school sponsored club shall specify in its facility use request the adult who will provide supervision of the activity.

Student Government

Student councils under the direct control of the building principal or designated faculty representative may be established. Student councils may exercise only the authority expressly delegated to them by the building principal.

Approved: October 3, 2022