IHF: Graduation Requirements

The board may adopt graduation requirements exceeding the minimums set forth by state regulation. Unless otherwise provided herein, in order to qualify for graduation, the board requires each candidate to earn 25 academic credits of a type meeting state and district requirements.

Exceptions may be granted by the board to waive local graduation requirements that are in excess of the state minimum requirements for students on a case by case basis.

The board shall award a student a diploma if the student is at least 17 years old; is enrolled or resides in the district; was in custody of the Secretary of the Kansas Department of corrections (KDOC), the Secretary for DCF, or a federally recognized Indian tribe in this state at any time on or after the student's 14th birthday; and has achieved at least the minimum high school graduation requirements adopted by the state board of education.

Other situations which may warrant waiver of graduation requirements in excess of the minimum requirements adopted by the state board include, but may not be limited to, the following circumstances;

  • If such student is an adult learner whose four-year cohorts have graduated; or
  • If such student is attending an alternative school or program and has experienced high mobility, teen pregnancy, long-term illness, or other hardship conditions.

Requirements for graduation from Washburn Rural High School, Washburn Rural Alternative High School, and Tallgrass Learning Center:

A minimum of twenty-five (25) units of credit, including:

  1. Four (4) units of credit in English language arts, including:
    • Three (3) units of English composition and literature.
    • One-half (½) unit of speech, debate, forensics, Drama I or Drama II.
    • One-half (½) unit of English elective.
  2. Three (3) units of credit in social studies, including:
    • One (1) unit of World history,
    • One (1) unit of United States history,
    • One-half (½) unit of United States government, including the Constitution of the United States.
    • One-half (½) unit of social studies elective.
  3. Three (3) units of credit in science, which shall include physical, biological, earth and space science concepts.
  4. Three (3) units of credit in mathematics.
    Beginning with the class of 2014, successful completion of Integrated Math 1/Algebra1 or Integrated Math 2/Geometry at the 8th grade level may qualify as fulfillment of one credit toward graduation if the student successfully completes the next level class at the high school level.
  5. One (1) unit of credit in physical education which shall include health.
  6. One (1) unit of credit in fine arts (music, drama, or art).
  7. One-half (½) unit of credit in computer technology.
  8. One-half (½) unit of credit in practical arts (in addition to the computer technology requirement) taken from business, family and consumer science, industrial technology, or vocational agriculture.
  9. Nine (9) units of credit in electives.

Any single course may fulfill requirements in only one area.

Approved: August 17, 2015