IFCB: Field Trips

District Approved Field Trips

Field trips may be approved by the principal when reasonable educational outcomes can be established. Extended field trips must have prior approval of the board.

Advance requests for field trips including transportation and other resource needs shall be submitted by the teacher to the principal. Each building principal shall develop a method to notify parents of a forthcoming field trip. The notification shall include information regarding the nature of the trip, departure time, expected return time, name of sponsor(s), and mode of travel.

Student Athletic and Activity Travel

For the purpose of this policy, athletic and activity travel is defined as travel to and from events for school sponsored groups and teams in grades 7-12 and which have a connection to the educational program as an activity, or are part of the schools' athletic programs in accordance with league or KSHSAA sponsored events.

Student safety during travel to and from athletic and activity trip locations, as well as during the trip, is of the highest importance. Coaches and sponsors shall be responsible for appropriate communication with parents and for pre-trip orientation, which shall include scheduling and safety information.

Extended Field Trips

Field trips which require more than one day or are over three hundred miles one way must have board approval at least thirty days in advance. Events scheduled by the KSHSAA are not covered by this policy. Recurring extended trips which have been scheduled by the administration and approved by the board do not have to be submitted to the board each year.

Non-sanctioned Field Trips

Non-sanctioned field trips organized by employees acting as independent contractor/agents involving students on a volunteer, self-supporting basis are not approved by the board and are not considered a part of the curriculum. Total responsibility for privately-planned field trips or tours rests with the individual(s) and agency sponsoring them. The district assumes no legal or financial responsibilities for non-sanctioned field trips.

Every attempt should be made to schedule non-board approved trips during weekends and/or vacation periods. If travel arrangements necessitate that some school days are missed, normal procedures for staff and students absences must be followed.

If recruitment of students is sought through the school(s), the request for recruitment shall be made in accordance with those of private citizens. Recruitment efforts may not occur during class time or the employee's duty day.

Approved: March 1, 2010