IDAB: Support Programs

Support program information approved by the board shall be filed with the clerk and made available to staff as needed.

Drug Education

All students shall be made aware of the legal, social and health consequences of drug and alcohol use. Students shall be instructed on effective techniques for resisting peer pressure to use illicit drugs or alcohol. Students shall be informed that the use of illicit drugs and the unlawful possession and use of alcohol is both wrong and harmful.

The board's comprehensive drug and alcohol abuse and prevention program shall be included as part of the district's curriculum. The curriculum at each grade level shall be age-appropriate and developmentally based.

A student who voluntarily seeks assistance, advice or counseling from school personnel regarding drugs or drug abuse shall not be disciplined by school authorities because the student sought assistance.

Student Mental Health

It is the intent of USD #437 to enlist the support of each employee to encourage and recognize improved behavior, greater attendance, higher self-esteem, greater self-discipline, increased motivation and successful task completion.

Necessary ancillary personnel may be provided to assist the staff and parents in the detection and prevention of students' social, emotional and academic problems.

When necessary, consultation between instructional staff/administrators and counselors/school psychologists will be initiated. Crisis counseling and short term therapy will be implemented as required. Referrals to community mental health agencies will be solicited as the severity of a problem warrants such an intervention.

Dropout Prevention

The superintendent may develop and implement programs to prevent students from dropping out of school or to encourage dropouts to return to school that shall include, but not be limited to, at risk funded programs, counseling programs, alternative schools, Title I, teacher guided assistance programs, personal academic strategies for success program, tutoring and other such programs.

The staff shall incorporate the philosophy and goals of this policy into the schools' programs.

At-Risk Students

The superintendent shall be responsible for developing a program for identifying and working with at-risk students.


The guidance program shall be organized to serve all students.

Counselor(s) shall provide guidance services consistent with district philosophy, job descriptions and board policies.

Homebound Instruction

Homebound instruction may be provided to a student as deemed necessary by the superintendent or by the student's Individualized Education Program (IEP) team or Section 504 team.

Approved: March 20, 2023