GARB: Sick Leave Pool

A sick leave pool may be established by the superintendent for the benefit of all full-time, regular, employees who are not subject to the Auburn-Washburn USD 437 Negotiated Agreement. The sick leave pool is for the benefit of employees who have exhausted their normal accumulation of annual leave, personal leave, and sick leave. The leave pool will be available for use for reasons of hardship, extreme misfortune, or catastrophic circumstances.

Sick leave pool rules, which will be developed by the superintendent and approved by the board, will be published in the Classified Employees Handbook. Administrators will be subject to the rules as published in the Classified Employees Handbook. The superintendent shall manage sick leave pool procedures and have the final decision-making authority. The superintendent is the administrator of the sick leave pool and is therefore not eligible for membership.

Approved: November 2, 2009