EBCA: Vandalism

Vandalism Protection

All school personnel shall immediately report any vandalism to their immediate supervisor. School personnel are expected to lock or otherwise secure any equipment, work areas, files, records, safes or similar compartments at the close of each school day.

In the event of vandalism, the board may offer a reward according to law.

Restitution for Damages

The board shall seek restitution according to law for loss and damage sustained by the district.

The principal shall notify the superintendent of any loss of, or damage to, district property. The superintendent shall investigate the incident. The cost involved in repairing the damage and/or replacing equipment will be determined after consultation with appropriate personnel.

When a juvenile is involved, the superintendent shall contact the parents and explain their legal responsibility. The parents shall be notified in writing of the dollar amount of loss or damage. Routine procedures will be followed for any necessary follow-up to secure restitution from the responsible party.

Restitution payments shall be made by juveniles or their parents to the business office, and accounts shall be kept. Persons of legal age shall be held responsible for their own payments. If necessary, provisions may be made for installment payments.

Accounts not paid in full within the specified time may be processed for legal action.

Return of School Property

School property must be returned by students. If a student does not return district property, the superintendent may take action allowed by law.

Offering a Reward

The board may offer a reward for information leading to the discov­ery, arrest and conviction of persons committing acts of vandalism. The offer will conform to state law and the policy adopted by the board.

When the board decides to offer a reward, the notice to be published by the superintendent shall conform to the following:

The board of education, as authorized by K.S.A. 12-1672a, hereby offers a $_________ (up to $500.00) reward to any person who first provides information leading to the discovery, arrest and conviction of the person or persons responsible for acts of vandalism on property, real or personal, owned by the school district or rightfully located on school district premises by its employees or students.

Persons having any knowledge are urged to contact the superintendent of schools at 5928 SW 53rd Street, Topeka, KS 66610, telephone (785) 339-4000. The board reserves the right to determine the deserving recipients of the reward in the event of corroborating and supplementary information.

Approved: June 29, 2009