EBAA: Workers Compensation

The district will participate in workers compensation as required by current statute. The combined workers' compensation benefits and salary received under allowed sick leave, or other available leave, shall not exceed one full day's pay. Employees covered by the negotiated agreement are referenced to that document.

All employees of the district shall be covered by workers compensation. Workers compensation coverage is provided for all employees regardless of assignment, length of assignment, and/or hours worked per day. Benefits are for personal injury from accident or industrial diseases arising out of and in the course of employment in the district.

The workers compensation plan will provide coverage for medical expenses and wages to the extent required by statute to those employees who qualify.

When an employee is injured he/she will use available sick leave to cover his/her absence. If the employee qualifies for workers compensation wages, his/her sick leave account will be reinstated for sick leave days used during the injury in the ratio of workers compensation pay to his/her regular daily rate of pay. The wages of the next paycheck will be docked in an amount equal to the workers compensation pay received. An employee qualified for workers compensation who is off work and eligible to draw benefits under this policy shall receive 100 percent (100%) of the daily rate for the day(s) of salary lost by using a combination of accumulated sick leave {if he/she has sufficient day(s) accumulated} and workers compensation benefits.

In no case shall an employee receive more than 100 percent (100%) of the daily rate of pay for the days benefits are paid.

Any employee who is off work and drawing workers compensation shall be required to provide the business manager with a written doctor's release before the employee is allowed to return to work. In addition, should the employee be released to return to work by a doctor and fail to do so, all benefits under sick leave shall be ended and those benefits under workers compensation shall be restricted as provided by current statute.

Choice of Physician

The board shall have the right to choose a designated health care provider to provide medical assistance to any employee who suffers an injury while performing their job.

Approved: June 15, 2009