DJFA: Purchasing Authority

The purchasing agent is authorized to execute contracts on behalf of the district for the purchase of goods and services if the amount is less than $20,000 as noted below. The board shall receive reports on any contracts.

Quotation Requirements

The method for obtaining price solicitations and for authorizing purchases that do not require a formal bid will be as follows:

Estimated Cost

Price Solicitation Method

Purchase Authorization

$0 to $999


Purchasing Agent

$1,000 to $2,999

Documented Verbal


Purchasing Agent

$3,000 to $19,999

Documented Written Quotation

Purchasing Agent for items with prior board authorization **


Board of Education

$20,000 +

Sealed Written Bids

Board of Education

**The board recognizes that actual cost of items submitted for prior board authorization may vary from cost estimates. The board authorizes the purchasing agent to proceed with the purchase if the variance does not exceed 10% and the total cost of the purchase does not exceed $20,000.

Approved: May 18, 2009