DJEG: Purchase Orders and Contracts

The purchasing agent shall develop an order form compatible with the requisition form to be used in purchasing goods, and shall be authorized to sign all purchase orders.

Each purchase order shall include a specification of the item which adequately describes the characteristics and the quality standards; a quoted, firm, net, delivered price, whenever possible, and prices shown both per unit and as extended; clear delivery instructions which include time and place; a signature of the purchasing agent and budget account code number; and the appropriate address and telephone number.

All purchase orders shall be numbered in sequence; sufficient copies will be made to meet distribution requirements.

A verbal order, subject to subsequent confirmation by a written purchase order, may be issued only in cases where a bona fide emergency exists. Whenever possible, a purchase order number should be given to the supplier. A confirming requisition/purchase order shall be issued immediately thereafter and clearly marked as such.

Approved: June 1, 2009