CEB: Superintendent’s Duties

Duties of the superintendent:

  1. Supervises all functions of the school district;
  2. Serve as the educational leader of the school system;
  3. Meet with the Board of Education for the purpose of reporting, advising, and recommending in all areas of operation in the school system;
  4. Provide the Board of Education with information which will assist in effective decision making and sound policy formation;
  5. Report, interpret, and implement board policies and action to staff and community;
  6. Define and set forth the purposes, objectives and means of administering the school system;
  7. Administer the control mechanism of the public schools subject to policies and rules of the Board of Education;
  8. Provide leadership to stimulate and energize personnel of the entire school system;
  9. Determine educational, staff, instructional, and physical plant needs and recommend methods of meeting the requirements;
  10. Authorize all final employee recommendations made to the Board of Education regarding the selection, appointment, assignment, transfer, suspension, promotion, or dismissal of personnel in accordance with the statutes of Kansas, State Board of Education regulations, and the rules of the local Board of Education;
  11. Establish and conduct a continuous and comprehensive program of internal and external information and communication for the purpose of gaining widespread understanding and support for public education;
  12. Supervise the development and preparation of the annual budget for the school district;
  13. Represent the school system before professional and community groups;
  14. Assist in the implementation and evaluations of experimental programs;
  15. Be active in the Kansas Legislature in all matters relating to the welfare of the school district;
  16. Be actively involved with his/her professional organizations in Kansas.

Approved: February 16, 2009