BDA: Developing, Adopting, and Repealing Board Policy

The board shall adopt all policies, regulations, and handbooks, all of which are deemed to be board policy. Board policies and regulations, and handbooks may be amended or repealed at any board meeting by a majority of the board.

Drafting Policy

The superintendent shall recommend policy changes. The superintendent may involve appropriate staff members, patrons, community members or students when revision or drafting new policy.

Attorney Involvement

Board policies or recommended changes may be submitted to the board's attorney to determine the legality of said policies and rules before they are submitted to the board for final approval.

Policy Dissemination

Changes in board policy shall be disseminated as appropriate. The superintendent shall ensure appropriate dissemination of current policy and the removal of obsolete policies. At least one current policy manual shall be accessible in the central business office. All currently adopted policies shall be available on the district's website. Board members, district staff, patrons and others will be encouraged to use the website to access current board policy.

Historical Policy Files

The clerk shall keep a historical set of board policies which will reflect all revisions or other actions pertaining to every policy and rule.

Public Input on Policy

Individuals or groups may submit proposed changes in board policy.

Approved: November 21, 2022