BCBD: Agenda

The board shall adopt an agenda at the beginning of each meeting. The superintendent shall distribute background material concerning agenda items to all board members prior to each meeting, which then shall be referred to as the annotated agenda.

The board agenda shall be compiled by the superintendent in cooperation with the board president. Other board members may request items to be placed on the agenda. The agenda may include a period of time when the public may speak to the board.

The annotated agenda shall be sent to all board members at least three calendar days prior to any regular board meeting.

The agenda format may include:

  • monthly reports to the board;
  • a consent agenda containing routine business and information items;
  • financial reports including monthly listing of bills ready for payment;
  • important correspondence;
  • bids, specifications;
  • attendance center reports; and
  • requests for hearings and other such information

Other items and reports may be added to the agenda.

Approved: February 2, 2009