Blues Backers

Who are we?

Blues Backers are a parent-teacher organization of parents, friends, and teachers who work closely together with high school staff and administrators to establish an maintain a proud image of Washburn Rural High School academic, athletic, and extracurricular activities via volunteer time and financial support.

Blues Backers are responsible for organizing and executing a number of events and activities, including:

  1. Fundraisers
  2. Post-prom
  3. Hospitality at school events
  4. School project, activity, and sports funding
  5. Student achievement recognition
  6. School merchandise sales
  7. Concession stands operation
  8. Fundraising support for clubs and groups
  9. Volunteer mobilization
  10. Teacher appreciation event hosting
  11. Homecoming activity facilitation

Get Involved

There are a number of ways to show support for Blues Backers:

  • Become a Blues Backer (join at walk-in registration, school-sponsored events, online, or by mail)
  • Attend Blues Backers board meetings (see below for schedule)
  • Volunteer for Blues Backers sponsored activities

Lastly, take pride for your contributions; your dues support extra enrichment opportunities for our Washburn Rural High School students!


Meetings are held the second Wednesday of the month at 7:00 PM in the Washburn Rural High School Library, unless otherwise noted.


Washburn Rural High School PTO, Blues Backers, want you to show your school spirit!

Position Name Email
Co-President Michael White efilroftacdliw|moc.liamg
Co-President Anne Bortz ztroba|moc.mafma
Secretary Malinda Lash-Brozek kezorblm|moc.liamg
Treasurer Kim White etihwk|moc.seinapmocvrm
Position Name Email
Finance Kelly Pert trepyllek|moc.liamg
Nachos/Cheese/Hot Dogs/Buns Angie Wilson 89_weigna|moc.oohay
Nachos/Cheese/Hot Dogs/Buns Trudy Reich 44ggalp|moc.oohay
Drinks Hollie Meek lohkeem|ten.734dsu
Purchasing Angie Rea 1aer.a|ten.xoc
Scheduling Cyndi Peterson ukumat|moc.loa
Position Name Email
Chair Colleen Dodge locegdod|en.734dsu
Position Name Email
Chair Sheila Coons ehssnooc|ten.734dsu
Position Name Email
Co-chair Ashley Hisel lesiha|gro.liavtnomrots
Co-chair Greg Smith 99ppateriw|moc.nsm
Staff Appreciation
Position Name Email
Chair Tricia Wonderlich rednowr|ten.llebws
Position Name Email
Co-chair Melanie Madsen 52nesdammg|moc.liamg
Co-chair Angela Truelove evoleurta|ten.srotcodeyeeht
Volunteer Coordinator
Name Email
Kimbra Bradshaw arbmik|moc.eciffowalnosneh