WRMS Athletics

Fall Sports Information

See below for specific information on each sport.


In order to participate in any sports, each student must file the following forms with the Athletics office each year:

  1. Authorization for Emergency Treatment
  2. KSHSAA Pre-Participation Physical Evaluation
  3. KSHSAA Concussion & Head Injury Information Release Form
  4. Orthopedics and Sports Medicine Consent
Sport Head Coach Website
Cheerleading eamyoj|ten.734dsu|yoJ .M WRMS Cheer
Fitness Camp
Fall Sports
Sport/Schedule Head Coach Website
Cross Country rhcsnave|ten.734dsu|snavE .C  
Football 7th Grade A etsnoohc|ten.734dsu|neorahcnoohC .S  
Football 7th Grade B 2lailliw|ten.734dsu|silliW .A  
Football 8th Grade A irbredos|ten.734dsu|grebredoS .B Fitness Camp
Football 8th Grade B surenrab|ten.734dsu|llenraB .R  
Girls' Tennis fejalrag|ten.734dsu|dnalraG .J  
Girls' Intramural Tennis 1rbsnhoj|ten.734dsu|notsnhoJ .B  
Volleyball 7th Grade A lekhenir|ten.734dsu|traheniR .K WRMS Volleyball
Volleyball 7th Grade B aidyenor|ten.734dsu|yenoR .D WRMS Volleyball
Fitness Camp
Volleyball 8th Grade A & B yajwal|ten.734dsu|waL .J, rikesnah|ten.734dsu|nesnaH .K WRMS Volleyball
Fitness Camp
Intramural Volleyball nnaacnaj|ten.734dsu|acnaJ .A WRMS Volleyball
Winter Sports
Sport/Schedule Head Coach Website
Boys' Basketball 7th Grade A fejalrag|ten.734dsu|dnalraG .J  
Boys' Basketball 7th Grade B suahsreh|ten.734dsu|regrebhsreH .A  
Boys' Basketball 8th Grade A etsnoohc|ten.734dsu|neorahcnoohC .S  
Boys' Basketball 8th Grade B arbahcam|ten.734dsu|ahcaM .B  
Boys' Intramural Basketball sadnodcm|ten.734dsu|dlanoDcM .D  
Girls' Basketball 7th Grade A etsnoohc|ten.734dsu|neorahcnoohC .S  
Girls' Basketball 7th Grade B yajwal|ten.734dsu|waL .J Fitness Camp
Girls' Basketball 8th Grade A sajbmert|ten.734dsu|yalbmerT .J  
Girls' Basketball 8th Grade B sadnodcm|ten.734dsu|dlanoDcM .D  
Girls' Intramural Basketball nnaacnaj|ten.734dsu|acnaJ .A  
Wrestling liwrafcm|ten.734dsu|dnalraFcM .B  
Spring Sports
Sport/Schedule Head Coach Website
Boys' Tennis fejalrag|ten.734dsu|dnalraG .J  
Boys' Intramural Tennis ayrellim|ten.734dsu|relliM .R  
Track & Field Coordinator surenrab|ten.734dsu|llenraB .R  
Boys' Track & Field 7th Grade 2lailliw|ten.734dsu|silliW .A Track & Field
Boys' Track & Field 8th Grade arbahcam|ten.734dsu|ahcaM .B Track & Field
Girls' Track & Field 7th Grade aidyenor|ten.734dsu|yenoR .D Track & Field
Fitness Camp
Girls' Track & Field 8th Grade takeduol|ten.734dsu|kcabreduoL .K Track & Field