Principal Ed Raines

WRHS Principal

As you know, we have recently ended the first 9-week grading period. We have had an interesting start to the school year, but amidst these challenging times, we've settled into a safe routine, and I have every hope that we are poised for even greater things for the remainder of the year. As a parent, I feel privileged to have my own child in this school district. As a principal, I want you to know that you can feel very good about the education that your children are receiving at WRHS. Having said that, we do realize that, for some students, learning can be difficult and we are fully prepared to assist them in any way necessary. If this is true of your child, there is still time to address problems before the end of the semester. I would like to share with you some of the avenues for assistance at your disposal.

If you haven't already discovered it, our Parent Portal is an excellent way to track your child's grades, discipline, attendance, lunch account balances, etc. In order to view this information, you will need an activation key which can be obtained by calling Ms. Susan Kaspar at 339-4104. Susan is my Administrative Assistant and will be happy to walk you through the process of accessing this information. Since the data in this system is updated daily, you should be able to develop a clear picture of your child's performance. If parental monitoring doesn't address poor performance in school, I would encourage you to seek additional assistance from your child's teachers.

Teachers are available before school, after school, and during other mutually agreed open times for additional remediation. Teachers are in their classrooms by 7:30 AM, and in most cases, until 3:30 PM. Obviously, teachers who also serve as coaches would not be available after school, but are more than willing to make arrangements with your son or daughter for extra help before school. If you find that your child needs additional help, I would encourage you to contact your child's counselor. For your convenience, I have listed them below.

  • Leslie Fischer (339-4117): Responsible for students whose last names are A-D
  • Keith Wetzel (339-4116): Responsible for students whose last names are E-J
  • Stephanie Berkhalter (339-4103): Responsible for students whose last names are K-O
  • Michelle Pegram (339-4911): Responsible for students whose las names are P-T
  • Cynthia Coufal (339-4118): Student Services
  • Marcie Frederickson (339-4115): Responsible for students whose last names are U-Z, International Baccalaureate, Student Services-Gifted
  • Jason Parker (339-4119): Responsible for students in Alternative Education – B3 School

Our counselors are more than willing to provide assistance in other ways in order to help your child reach his/her academic goals. A multitude of services exist at WRHS that the counselors can help coordinate with you and your child. If individual attention from the teacher and other interventions prove ineffective in solving your challenges, your child may be referred for further intervention through our Student Intervention Team (SIT). The SIT is a group of trained educational professionals, and you, of course, who will conduct a comprehensive analysis of your child's academic progress and habits. After the evaluation is complete, intervention may be recommended to address academic performance issues. Fortunately, most problems can be effectively resolved through this process. For those that are not, our counselors will be happy to discuss more aggressive options with you.

It is our mission to ensure that every student learns to the best of his/her ability. Please do not be the least bit hesitant about letting us know how we can assist you.


Ed Raines
Phone: 339-4105