Jay Shideler Elementary

Order your yearbook online

Yearbook order may now be placed at jse.picaboo.com. For $12, you will receive the 40-page, glossy, soft cover yearbook, as well as access to an eYearbook.

Order must be placed by Questions may be directed to Yearbook Advisers lujettap|ten.734dsu|nosrettaP .srM or ymaeniar|ten.734dsu|seniaR .srM.

Volleyball clinic

Learn about passing, setting, spiking, and serving, along with offensive and defensive strategies at this after-school clinic.

Download the registration form for details.

About Jay Shideler

Jay Shideler Elementary

Previously Washburn Rural High School, Jay Shideler Junior High, and Jay Shideler Middle School, Jay Shideler Elementary serves todays' kindergarten through sixth grades in Auburn-Washburn's central attendance area.

Our Mission

Jay Shideler maintains a safe and caring education community in which a variety of stakeholders work collaboratively to maximize the individual academic, social, and emotional potential of students as they prepare to succeed in the 21st century.