Farley PTO


Farley Elementary PTO meetings are held in the Farley Elementary Library from 5:30 to 6:30 PM. Parents and teachers are encouraged to attend. Childcare and refreshments are available. This year, there will be one meeting each quarter. See below for the schedule:

September 12, 2018  
November 14, 2018  
February 13, 2019  
May 15, 2019  


Staff Member Funds Request

Farley Elementary staff members may request funds from the PTO by clicking the link, below:

Contribution Opportunities

Click the link below to discover different opportunities to help contribute to Farley PTO from your normal day-to-day purchases.

Position Name Email
Co-President Shannon Obdyke slsnafkwah|moc.oohay
Co-President Jessica Samuels sleumas.acissej|ten.xoc
Secretary Ashley Ogden hsanedgo|ten.734dsu
Treasurer Matt Harader rerusaertyelraf|moc.liamg
Member At-Large Jacquie Lightcap pacthgileiuqcaj|moc.liamg
Member At-Large Corey Yarrow 5worrayc|moc.liamg
Past Co-President Ashley Smith eillenbeldood|moc.liamg
Past Co-President Bobbi Overbey 50yajatreb|moc.oohay