Welcome to Auburn-Washburn

About Auburn-Washburn

Welcome to the Auburn-Washburn School District! We are fortunate to serve nearly 6,400 students in 128 square miles located in southwest Topeka, the state's capital city, and Shawnee County. Auburn-Washburn is an amazing place to learn and work due to our engaged patron and business community, informed parents that value the importance of an exemplary education, dedicated and talented administrators, teachers, and support staff, and of course, outstanding students that come to school ready and willing to do their very best. We base all decisions on what is in the best interest of students, and in doing so, we have built a stellar reputation as a respected, high performing, 6A school district. We also provide a large variety of co-curricular, performing and fine arts, and athletic opportunities, and our students perform and compete extremely well with students in Kansas and the nation.

We do not look at our nearly 6,400 students as a whole, rather, we focus on the strengths, needs, and dreams of every child, every day. We have seven K-6 elementary schools that, on average, serve about 500 students that feed into Washburn Rural Middle School, a 7th and 8th grade building that serves just under 1,000 students, that feeds into Washburn Rural High School, a comprehensive 6A high school that serves just under 2,000 students. We also have an early childhood center and two alternative learning centers. In each school and center, we pride ourselves on building positive and meaningful relationships with students and families first, and then focus on high academic achievement and the development of skills for success.

Strategic Plan 2021

Student Goals

  1. To improve the academic performance of each student.
  2. To develop skills for success with each student.

District Priorities that Support Student Goals

  • Outstanding Staff
  • Community Engagement
  • Effective Resource Management
  • Safe, Well-Maintained and Current Facilities

By the Numbers

  • Enrollment increased to 6,324 students
  • Attendance rate is 95.7%
  • 90% of graduates reported pursuing post-secondary education
  • 113 WRHS students (27%) graduated with cumulative, weighted, GPAs of 4.0 or higher
  • 205 students (50%) graduated with 12 or more hours of college credit or a Career Technical Education (CTE) credential


33% of district students are economically disadvantaged.

74% of students are White, 10% Hispanic, 5% African American, and 12% Other.

Student Growth

Auburn-Washburn continues to grow and is the 17th largest school district in Kansas.

Graph shows an increase from 6,006 students in 2012 to 6,307 students in 2016.

ACT Scores

Auburn-Washburn ACT score of 23.7 exceeds the national average as well as Kansas and neighboring states.

Graph shows Auburn-Washburn's score of 23.3 exceeds the Kansas score of 21.9 and the U.S. score of 20.8.

ELA State Assessments

Graph shows Auburn-Washburn exceeds state averages by an average of 8.5 points.

Math State Assessments

Graph shows Auburn-Washburn exceeds state averages by an average of 5 points.

Mill Levy Rates

Graph shows Mill Levy dropped from 54.52 in 2015-2016 to 50.063 in 2018-2019

Graduation Rates

Graph shows Auburn-Washburn exceeds US and surrounding state averages by an average of about 10%.