Judy Crites
  • Food Service Worker IH
What's not to love? You're working with kids who are predictable and totally unpredictable, and you get a great summer vacation and mini vacations all year long!
Dave Montgomery
  • Assistant Director of Operations SEC
I love the people I work with and the relationships we forge, as well as the opportunity to grow with a district that values every individual and treats you like family.
Ian Long
  • Network Specialist SEC
I love the people; the sense of teamwork is rock solid in every department, and the leadership is always working right alongside you. I always stay busy and feel valued.
Jennifer Baurley
  • Food Service Manager PS
I love that my work hours accommodate my child's school schedule, which allows me to tend to my family.
Barbara Alstrom
  • Food Service Manager WRHS
I love the fact that I now have a second family, and the smiles I see every day from every student that eats.
Tammy Smart
I love to work alone at night, sweeping and mopping my floors and cleaning tables, and looking back to see what the teacher will see when he/she first enters in the morning - a clean room.
Christal Snyder
  • Lunchroom Aide WRHS
I love the people.
Mark Brogan
  • Maintenance Mechanic DW
I love that my kids go to school in the district and I am able to drive the bus for their sporting events. I also enjoy the work I do and my peers I get to work with.
Ann Root
  • Secretary of Operations SEC
I love the opportunity to help make each of the buildings a clean and safe place to learn and work.
Lisa Dall
  • Head Custodian WRMS
I love everything!! Everyone at the school that works here has been always offering to help in any way they can. The staff is always friendly in the passing in the halls. Before you know it, it's time to go home. Look forward to coming to work every day as I feel like we're all family.
Carol Deuninck
  • Bus Driver DW
The number one reason I love my job is being a part of the kids' lives. Even though I don't spend a lot of time with them, they become a very special part of my life—they are "my kids." Being a bus driver is the most rewarding job I've ever had.
Melinda Thomas
  • Food Service Manager IH
I love that I have great co-workers and a great schedule with summers off!
Rachel Steenbock
  • Secretary of Human Resources SEC
What I love about my job in Auburn-Washburn School District is meeting and onboarding new employees and the day-to-day life in the HR Department. I really enjoy being part of a team, of which our primary goal is making sure we provide a safe and positive learning environment for our children.
Dave Montgomery
  • Assistant Director of Operations SEC
We get a tremendous amount of support from our management team, and this allows us to focus on the quality of our job-related tasks. All team members treat one another with a great deal of respect and try to support each other anytime someone needs it. The people make this a great place to work!
Mark Brogan
  • Maintenance Mechanic DW
I really do enjoy coming to work and getting to do the job I do. I also feel challenged, which is great.