WRHS IB Parent Association

What is IBPA?

Dr. Ty Frederickson, a WRHS IB parent, will help lead the IBPA this school year. All pre-IB and IB families will be informed of upcoming activities.

In 2015, some of our IB parents convened to consider ways parents and teachers can better support our students. These discussions led to the formation of the WRHS International Baccalaureate Parent Association (IBPA). Parents are encouraged to join a few IB staff members once a month in the WRHS library to discuss topics we believe may be of interest to parents, including college search and application tips, testing, time management, IB assessment, etc. We’ll also feature an IB student spotlight at each meeting that will give students an opportunity to publicize their CAS experiences, extended essay, or otherwise meaningful projects.

The IBPA has also helped to fundraise. These funds are used to purchase all kinds of things (e.g., finals treat bags, food for presentations) that may fall outside the bounds of typical classroom resources. We also use these funds for our local IB Citizen Scholarship that recognizes one student who embodies traits of the IB Learner Profile.

When and Where Does IBPA Meet?

All meetings are held in the WRHS media center. Here is a list of dates and topics for the 2021-2022 school year:

October 7: Introductions, Value of IB, Assessment Updates 

November 4: CAS, Time Management, student panel 

December 2: Extended Essay, student panel 

January: Earning college credit 

February: Theory of Knowledge 

March: Planning the IB Senior Showcase 

April: Preparing for exams

IBPA Meeting Agendas (2021-2022)

Thursday, October 7, 2021

IB Citizen Scholarship

The WRHS IB Citizen Scholarship is a $500 award offered to one WRHS IB senior who demonstrates an outstanding commitment to developing attributes of the IB Learner Profile. This is not just an academic scholarship. Rather, it is a reward for candidates who embody character traits that we believe represent excellent citizenship in our modern world. The scholarship is funded by the WRHS International Baccalaureate Parent Association and is managed by the IB coordinator.

Diploma candidates need not apply in order to become eligible for the IB Citizen Scholarship. IB diploma candidates may be formally nominated by a staff member. The IB staff will then convene and select the candidate who best demonstrates all IB Learner Profile traits.
The recipient of the scholarship will be recognized at the annual IB Senior Showcase at the end of the year.

Inquirers - Caring - Thinkers - Communicators - Balanced - Principled - Risk-takers - Knowledgeable - Open-minded - Reflective

Inquirers: Is the candidate a self-directed learner? Does the candidate demonstrate an uncommon zeal for pursuing knowledge and understanding, or is the candidate primarily motivated by grades? Does the candidate ask questions in an attempt to extend knowledge and understanding? Did the candidate sustain a commitment to inquiry- or research-based projects (e.g., IA or EE)?
Caring: Does the student’s CAS work reflect an earnest concern for the well-being of others? Does the candidate demonstrate empathy? Does the candidate actively pursue ways to make a positive impact on communities?
Thinkers: Does the candidate demonstrate an appreciation for complexity and authenticity of thought? Does the candidate tend to consider ideas from multiple perspectives? Does the candidate demonstrate a capacity for reasoned and ethical decision-making?
Communicators: Does the candidate speak and write with precision? Is the candidate likely to speak confidently and creatively? Does the candidate collaborate well?
Balanced: Does the candidate demonstrate an appreciation for different aspects of mentally and physically healthy living? Does the candidate recognize his or her own interdependence with other people?
Principled: Does the student act with integrity and honesty? Does the student understand and accept personal responsibility for his or her actions and their consequences? Does the student respect the dignity and rights of others?
Risk-takers: Does the student meet setbacks with resilience and determination? Will the candidate approach uncertainty with forethought and resourcefulness? Does the candidate explore new ideas and appreciate innovative strategies?
Knowledgeable: Does the student frequently demonstrate a sophisticated grasp of a wide range of topics? Does the candidate apply conceptual knowledge to school work or other problem-solving tasks?
Open-minded: Does the student recognize the validity of experiences and ideas that differ from his or her own? Does the student demonstrate an appreciation for multiple points of view? Can the student critically and respectfully consider the values and traditions of others?
Reflective: Does the student self-evaluate? Does the candidate recognize his or her own strengths and weaknesses? Does the student’s understanding of his or her own work and ideas contribute to personal development?

Who is eligible to receive this scholarship? All WRHS IB diploma candidates currently enrolled in their senior year are eligible.
What are the criteria for selection? IB diploma candidates who best demonstrate traits of the IB Learner Profile will be considered for the award.
Do I need to apply? No. IB staff members nominate students. Then, the staff will review nominations and make a final selection.
Why isn’t there an application process? We understand the IB workload. We don’t want this to be another essay kids feel like they need to write. Also, we don’t want this scholarship to become a source of competition or division within our IB community.
When will the recipient be selected? In late March. The recipient will be honored during the IB Senior Showcase in April (date TBD).

2021 - Sho Glashausser
2020 - Camryn Plemons
2019 - Sydney Houser