Return to School

September 1, 2020
Update from Superintendent Dr. Scott McWilliams

The purpose of this brief message to all staff and parents is to provide an update from our first two days this week. Yesterday (8/31) and today (9/1), Group A students attended school on-site. No COVID-19 concerns were reported from either day. We have had two safe and productive days at school. Thank you very much for taking the safety precautions in place seriously.

Wednesday (9/2) will be a deep cleaning and disinfecting day in each of our schools, and it will also provide teachers with the opportunity to collaborate and plan instruction for Group A, Group B, and Phase 1 Remote students.

Group B students will attend school on-site this week on Thursday (9/3) and Friday (9/4). Remote learning opportunities are being provided to our Phase 1 Remote students this week as well.

These learning environments, Phase 2 Hybrid and Phase 1 Remote, are new to us all, but we will continue working toward getting into a routine with consistent expectations. By remaining positive with a "can do" attitude, we will get there!

Take Good Care,

Dr. Scott McWilliams
Superintendent of Schools