COVID-19 Update #8


March 19, 6:00 PM

The purpose of this email to all parents is to introduce our approach to continuous learning for students. More detailed information will be sent to students and families from your child’s school in the next few days but the information below provides an overview of what you can expect.

Information Provided by Dr. Ann Matthews, Executive Director of Teaching and Learning
Continuous Learning in Auburn-Washburn

We are committed to providing meaningful yet manageable learning opportunities for our students in the weeks ahead. Learning activities will be aligned to our local curriculum and designed to set students up for success when they return to school in the fall.

Learning for the week of March 23 -27: #keeplearning Phase One

The Teaching and Learning Team has facilitated the production of learning activities for the week of March 23. We initiated this work because we understand that students are in a variety of settings during the day with various levels of adult support, and that teachers will be navigating a new reality when they return to the school building on March 23. A team of teacher leaders developed a group of activities that are displayed on a grid, called a Choice Board, for each grade level and content area. We have titled the project #keeplearning.

Here is a short description of the project:

  • This is a soft launch of learning outside the classroom so the approach is designed to meet two important goals:
    1. To encourage students to get and stay connected with their teachers and schools, and
    2. To provide resources for adults and caregivers as they structure the day for students.
  • These activities represent voluntary options for students. Some students may not be in a position next week to complete much of this learning while others may be in a situation where they can do much more. There will be no grades or credit assigned for these activities.
  • The following considerations were priorities in the creation of the #keeplearning activities:
    1. There are digital and non-digital options
    2. There are modified and accommodated components
    3. They are real-world applications
    4. There is recognition of the social-emotional impact of our situation in the activities
    5. There has been an eye toward equity in the product
    6. There are opportunities to a little or a lot in each area; please personalize for your student
  • #keeplearning boards will be used by both elementary and secondary level students for this week (March 23-27) with the exception of International Baccalaureate, Advanced Placement, and Concurrent Credit classes at Washburn Rural High School. Teachers will be in touch with students individually to ensure that credit is not jeopardized in these classes and that students are ready for national assessments.

Learning for the weeks of March 27 - May 18: #keeplearning Phase Two

Students at the elementary level will have a second week of #keeplearning Choice Boards.

The format of Choice Boards may be a model teachers use as they begin creating grade level specific learning acuities for the remaining weeks of school. Packets, digital tools, virtual meetings, phone calls, etc . will be used to establish and maintain teacher/student contact around very essential learning targets. We are not able to replicate the school experience your student would receive if he or she were physically with us, but we will design relevant activities to further their learning. Teachers who teach elective courses will participate as well. We will be following the guidelines set by the Kansas State Department of Education and will remain cognizant of the needs of all of our students.

We realize that technology devices and Internet services are not assumed. Your student’s teacher will be reaching out to you soon to gather information about access so that we can plan instruction and facilitate access. Parents should not feel compelled to purchase a device for their student, nor worry about lack of internet service. Once we have the results of our survey we will take the appropriate actions for each student.

This is a new world; we thank you for the opportunity to create a new learning experience for your student. We have taken this responsibility extremely seriously. We will adjust and improve each week as we learn more and reflect on feedback provided. Please communicate to your student’s principal or teacher with feedback. If we are missing an important consideration, we will work swiftly to correct.

Thank You,

Dr. Ann Matthews
Executive Director of Teaching and Learning