COVID-19 Update #6


March 17, 6:00 PM

Today, March 17, just after 4:00 pm, Governor Kelly announced that all school facilities will remain closed for the remainder of the 2019-20 school year. Without question, this is devastating news. School closure is a part of our state’s response to the current public health crisis and all of us must remain focused on preventing the spread of COVID-19.

Parents, please know that we care greatly about your children. Due to our current reality, we care about their overall health and wellbeing first. But we also take great pride in challenging them academically and preparing them with the skills for success needed to become happy, responsible, and productive citizens. Our care and work for your students will not end this school year. We remain committed to engaging with our students, but our work will be accomplished using a different format for the remainder of this school year.

Staff, please know that we care about and are here for you too. We will remain focused on what is best for students, we will work collaboratively together and will support each other, and we will make it through these unprecedented times together as a team.

As a reminder, “grab and go” breakfast and lunch sacks will be available for all students on Wednesday, March 18, at Pauline Central Primary Elementary School (6625 SW Westview Road, Topeka, 66619) from 9:00 – 10:30 am. A canopy will be set up outside so students / families can pick up without entering the school. Our approach to “grab and go” breakfast and lunch for students will continue to develop, we will keep you posted.

We are working on critical issues, such as what today’s announcement means for our seniors and how this will affect next school year for all students. We will provide updates on these issues, and others, as they become available. There are many important and urgent issues to resolve. As soon as we have answers, they will be shared with students, parents, and staff. Please remain mindful of the following:

We are a caring, engaged, and informed school community. It is important that we come together to do everything we can for our students and families at this time. By working together, we will push through in a successful and prideful manner.

I will continue sending a daily email update to parents to keep you informed. Things continue to change rapidly and I will do everything possible to provide timely and factual updates as we continue to navigate these uncharted waters.


Dr. Scott McWilliams
Superintendent of Schools