COVID-19 Update #2

March 13, 5:00 PM

School leaders in Shawnee County were invited to a conference call led by the Shawnee County Health Department today at 4:30 pm. We were informed at that time that all schools in the county will be closed for students for a two-week period of time, or until Sunday, March 29. The status of schools in Shawnee County will be re-evaluated by the Shawnee County Health Department prior to March 29. This school closure for students includes all school-related activities (school, co-curricular, athletic). The Shawnee County Health Department released a press release during the conference call so many have already received this important information.

Knowing that students will not be in school through March 29, we will discuss internally what exactly this means to our staff and what services can be provided to our students over the next two weeks. We will send updated information to you this weekend.

We support the decision of the Shawnee County Health Department. They explained to us that they are taking the steps necessary to prevent a large wave of COVID-19 cases that could overwhelm the local health systems. We encourage families to follow the Health Department’s recommendation to practice social separation until the incubation period has passed and any known cases are addressed before they have a chance to spread.

We appreciate your understanding and remain committed to keeping you informed as new information becomes available. We will have more detailed information to share over the weekend.


Dr. Scott McWilliams
Superintendent of Schools