Continuous Learning

March 23-27

Dear Auburn-Washburn Parents and Guardian,

We are committed to providing you and your students some support in these initial weeks of school closure. In order to get started right away, a team of teachers from all grade levels has produced a series of optional earning activities that students may do as they are able. We have addressed English, Math, Social Studies, Science, Skills for Success, and Social/Emotional content, but in an engaging and project-based way. We understand that some students are not going to be in a position to do activities as they are in situations during the day that may not be conducive to school activities, while other students may be able to do more than is contained here.

We have designed this content to be varied in difficulty, with an eye towards equity. There are technology and no-technology activities. If you have any questions about how your student interacts with this material, please reach out to your student's teacher.

This will be our approach for one week at the secondary level, and for two weeks at the elementary level. After that, you will be receiving more comprehensive learning materials from your student's teacher.

You can view the #keeplearning choice boards on the District Website.