Continuous Learning

Family Supports

Parents and Students,

The Teaching and Learning Team of Auburn-Washburn has built a family and student facing website to deliver learning opportunities in our Continuous Learning Plan for the remainder of the 2019-2020 school year. This site will be our primary communication tool and distribution platform as we move forward in partnership with you. We thank you for your grace, patience, and perseverance in these challenging times, and please know we will do our best to maintain a positive and continuous learning experience on behalf of our community.

This site was created to provide support as you navigate distance learning in your homes.

#keeplearning Family Supports, a site for parents:

Packets, digital tools, virtual meetings, phone calls, etc. will all be used to establish and maintain teacher/student contact around some very essential learning targets. We are not able to replicate the school experience your student would receive if they were physically with us, but we will design relevant activities to further their learning. Teachers who teach elective courses will participate as well. We will be following the guidelines set by the Kansas State Department of Education and keeping in mind the needs of all of our students, from high school students in honors classes, to preschool students with disabilities or English language needs.

We realize that technology devices and internet services are not assumed. We are in the process of planning distribution of Chromebooks and textbooks/packets to families as we learn of your needs. Unfortunately, our ability to provide internet services is limited. However, many of our local providers are offering packages specifically designed to meet your needs for the remainder of the school year. We will not rely on your student having access to internet services if we are aware of your family's circumstances. Please reach out to your building principal with this information so we can ensure access to the learning opportunities for your student.

This is a new world; I thank you for the opportunity to create a new learning experience for your student and we take that responsibility to heart. We will adjust and improve each week as we learn more. If we are missing an important consideration, please let us know so we can improve.

Be safe, be well, and #keeplearning, Auburn-Washburn!

Dr. Ann Matthews
Executive Director of Teaching and Learning
Auburn-Washburn USD 437