Continuous Learning

Learning for the week of March 23-27
#keeplearning Phase One

The Teaching and Learning Team has facilitated the production of learning activities for the week of March 23. We initiated this work because we understand that students are in a variety of settings during the day with various levels of adult support, and that teachers will be navigating a new reality when they return to the school building on March 23. A team of teacher leaders developed a group of activities that are displayed on a grid, called a Choice Board, for each grade level and content area. We have titled the project #keeplearning.

Here is a short description of the project:

  • This is a soft launch of learning outside the classroom so the approach is designed to meet two important goals:
    1. To encourage students to get and stay connected with their teachers and schools, and
    2. To provide resources for adults and caregivers as they structure the day for students.
  • These activities represent voluntary options for students. Some students may not be in a position next week to complete much of this learning while others may be in a situation where they can do much more. There will be no grades or credit assigned for these activities.
  • The following considerations were priorities in the creation of the #keeplearning activities:
    1. There are digital and non-digital options
    2. There are modified and accommodated components
    3. They are real-world applications
    4. There is recognition of the social-emotional impact of our situation in the activities
    5. There has been an eye toward equity in the product
    6. There are opportunities to a little or a lot in each area; please personalize for your student
  • #keeplearning boards will be used by both elementary and secondary level students for this week (March 23-27) with the exception of International Baccalaureate, Advanced Placement, and Concurrent Credit classes at Washburn Rural High School. Teachers will be in touch with students individually to ensure that credit is not jeopardized in these classes and that students are ready for national assessments.